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Matteo Raphael Lorenzi

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Name:Matteo Raphael Lorenzi
Birthdate:Sep 22
Location:Milan, Italy
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

Matteo Raphael Lorenzi (pronounced: mat-tay-oh) is the half-brother of identical twins, Dani and Luci, and cousin of Nick and Harry. Matteo was the only child born to Angelo Lorenzi, an Italian-American police detective, and Marietta Sorrentino, a famous Italian opera singer. He was 100% the product of a one-night stand and the failure of his father to think about the fact Marietta was a Catholic who didn't use the birth control pill. Angelo and his American wife, Carmella had been on a very brief break from their marriage a couple of years following the birth of the twins. His detective partner was shot in the line of duty and Angela didn't cope with the trauma, instead becoming angry that he had failed to save him. Angela went to Italy to stay with family to get his head together, and the one-night stand was after a night of heavy drinking at the bar Matteo's mother was celebrating her closing night in the city. One thing led to another, and Dani, Luci and their older sister ended up with an illegitimate brother.

Initially, Marietta never told Angelo about Matteo. There was never any ill-will from the one-night stand and she didn't want to be a home-wrecker if his wife didn't take the news well. Instead, she resolved to raise Matteo, giving up her career in the process. It was only when Matteo started to ask questions about why he didn't have a dad when he was 10 that she decided it was time to fess-up. She wrote to Angelo, sent him a photograph of Matteo and told him if he wanted to meet his son, he could travel to Italy because Matteo wanted to know him. Angelo was on one of the next flights out of Jacksonville to Italy.

Understandably, the situation took a few months to adjust to. Angelo did, indeed, want involvement in Matteo's life, though dealt with anger much better following intensive therapy over the years. He didn't blame Matteo's mother for keeping the news from him. He welcomed Matteo into his family, and soon trips to Italy with his wife and daughters started to happen so the girls could get to know Matteo and vice-versa. Matteo took two trips to America when he was 13 and 15 in the summer to stay with his father, though he never wanted to leave his mother or Italy at that time. Although long-distance, he struck up a close relationship with his father, stepmother, and sisters over the time.

When Matteo was 16, life took a complete turn for him. Marietta had realised from a young age that Matteo possessed the same gift of voice as she had (maybe even kismet sharing his birthday with Andrea Bocelli), and she nurtured it. Soon, he was a highly skilled Tenor. At 16, Matteo entered and internationally-renowned talent contest where he sang Nessun Dorma, and won, giving him instant success with a performance that went viral around the world. Within weeks, he was a teenage classical singing sensation people couldn't get enough of, and he signed a record deal for three albums. Though, it wasn't all happiness for Matteo that year. His mother was killed in a terrible car accident on her way to one of Matteo's performances. Matteo's talent nearly completely failed, but he soon resolved that he had to keep singing for his mother, and that was exactly what he did. Despite his dad urging him to go to America to live with them, Matteo chose to stay in Italy living with his maternal grandparents.

Now, at 21, Matteo's career is soaring, and he has become a Style Icon in the process, with his fashion-forward sense of style any time he is out in public. He has just finished a European tour visiting every major European city, and has arrived in New York for a sell-out show, and to surprise his sisters and cousins. A tour of America is in the works, and he has been wondering if now is the time for him to make the move to America with the other chapter of his family (especially now he can legally drink there). He knows he has a lot of decisions to make, and even thought Italy is his roots and will always be home, he thinks it is time to open a new chapter in his life and be closer to his American family and in the city his main Management Team are based to help his career.

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